Gonzaga Could Return At UFC 91

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9/2/08 10:53:08AM
Trying to start another winning streak and get back in the UFC Heavyweight Title picture, Gabriel Gonzaga is expected to return to the Octagon at UFC 91. Josh Hendricks (14-4, 9 straight wins) is the likely foe.

9/2/08 12:00:29PM
well easy win for gonzaga it looks like.
9/2/08 12:19:15PM
I would do Gonzaga-Lesnar, then hold Randy for Feb./March to face Nog-Mir winner (assuming Randy's comeback is true).
9/2/08 12:21:59PM
Sam Hoger submitted this guy. This is the UFC right?

I just don't understand why they're not giving Gonzaga tougher tests. He's already fought some of the top guys. After fighting Co Cop and Couture it's kind of silly to put him up against two nobodies back to back.
9/2/08 12:29:51PM
This Hendricks guy has won 9 straight fights (although not mentioned, that streak includes a No Contest [overturned result]), and although they've been against no-names or names most of us won't recognize I guess they felt it was good enough. He is a big nobody though:
9/2/08 4:14:14PM
i say gonzaga by submission arm ripped off.

josh has lost to Same Hoger submission and Tom Murphy from TUF by ko.
9/2/08 7:55:35PM
i wonder if the fight will be on the main card
9/2/08 8:13:38PM
Haha his picture is in his house.
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