Gonzaga VS Hendricks (UFC 91)

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11/18/08 6:38:31PM
Josh Hendricks ??!!

Someone please explain to me what where those "lumps" covering his entire body?

We should go back to Traditional "Gi" in times like these.
11/18/08 6:56:55PM
relax man u dont no what they are neither do i but if they have some crazy back story then u might feel bad u talked about them and on top of that i dare u to say it to his face
11/18/08 7:28:21PM
ya that was some crazy lookin stuff
11/18/08 7:30:37PM
I wondered what they were but didn't freak out.
11/18/08 7:37:47PM

Posted by postman

I wondered what they were but didn't freak out.

maybe hes into that implant stuff and he thanks it looks cool
11/18/08 7:40:36PM
I knew a guy once who got fat deposits in his arms. It was really weird. He would get them removed then they would come back. That's what it looks like Hendricks has. Those bumps on his back didn't bother me as much as out of shape he looked/was.
11/18/08 7:56:22PM
No, i dont mean to disrespect.
Hes in the ring on PayPerView with his shirt off, not me.
Looks like if a knee hit it, it might burst internally.
I hope he finds what he needs to fix it.
11/18/08 11:05:09PM
Looked like swollen glands or lymph nodes.
11/19/08 1:38:39AM

Somthing along those lines......

But really it doesn't matter, All of the cool people out there paid no attention to it
11/19/08 3:47:57PM
Does anyone really care, he got knocked out, and it looked pretty funny too
11/19/08 3:56:47PM
anyone have a picture because i didn't notice the bumps
11/19/08 4:35:30PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

anyone have a picture because i didn't notice the bumps

11/19/08 4:42:21PM
I didnt notice it either. When i go to watch it again ill look for it, but really its no big deal. Ill live if i miss it the second time too.
11/20/08 12:45:04AM
Wow, i pray the Lord gives my enemies your eyes.
You are a beautiful online Community.
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