Gonzaga vs. Dos Santos targeted for UFC 108

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10/12/09 8:15:11PM
Heavyweights Junior Dos Santos and Gabriel Gonzaga are expected to meet at UFC 108 on Jan. 2 in Las Vegas.

Multiple sources on Monday told MMAWeekly.com that the fight has been agreed to and contracts are expected to be signed shortly. Fiveknuckles.com was first to report the pairing on Sunday. The bout has yet to be officially announced by the UFC.

Sources tell MMAWeekly.com that the match-up is expected to groom the next contender for the heavyweight title.

10/12/09 9:42:41PM
Dos Santos by mauling Gabriel untill he quits. I like this fight though, Two very exciting fighters!

Dos Santos win = Maybe title shot, Probally not though

Gonzaga win = Nothing, Another fight

I would rather Nog V Mir II to decide a number 1 contender...
10/12/09 10:40:16PM
Dos Santos is going to destroy GG
10/12/09 10:51:16PM
this should be the third of the co main events
this fight might rule out a hendo vs nate match or even the rumored silva vs akiyama match
10/13/09 3:06:03AM
Awesome fight.

I will root for Gonzaga, since it seems almost like a must-win for him; otherwise, he will probably be pushed down into the gatekeeper role for a great deal of his career as the UFC's heavyweight division gets less desperate for contenders. Gonzaga's last high-profile victory was in 2007 against CroCop, and since then his only main card victory was against Josh Hendricks, falling short in his matches with Couture, Werdum, and Carwin. On the other hand, Dos Santos is young, and has the ability to recover from a loss.

I will probably pick Dos Santos though.
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