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7/9/07 1:22:09PM
Honestly, it's a hard pick to make.

Coutoure, known by many, has won many, is very very very good, and is excellent in taking people down.

Gonzaga, i feel, much stronger, knocked out cro cop, honestly, u take coutoure and cro cop, cro will get it.

It's a hard one to call, im struggling on, Second round KO by Gonzaga or Second Round Submission by Coutoure, how do yall feel?

I dont think coutoure will be able to stand with gonzaga, but will he be able to take him down, and i dont feel that gonzaga can handle the ground game of coutoure.

Let me know your opinions, it would help definatele!
7/9/07 1:34:58PM
Couture by submission? Mabye in like round three or four after Gonzaga gasses but not in the early rounds.

I was thinking of putting like $1,000 on Gonzaga, but i think i will stay away from that fight. Instead I'm betting on Guida.
7/9/07 1:43:41PM
yeah i think i'm going to go coutoure jd no way sub. g&p tko maybe but not sub. i think if randy can get the takedown he wins if gonzaga can get on top or keep it standing i think it could be bad for randy. this one is to close to call for me.
7/9/07 1:45:51PM
I think Coutore has treat this one like he did vs Slyvia. I see this one gooing to the judges IMO.
7/9/07 1:54:52PM
It will definetly be couture by GNP in the first or second.
7/9/07 4:38:13PM
As we all know, We can't count out Randy. But looking back when Randy was at heavyweight before, he could not hang with guys like Barnett and Rodriguez, that had the size and grappling/bjj skills. Soooo I think I will have to go with GG on this one. It will be a WAR though.
7/9/07 4:49:39PM
i know thats why i'm having a hard time picking this one. i jsut know if i pick gonzaga randy would win
7/9/07 6:13:49PM
My bet is on Gonzaga. He's got great submissions/ground work and very impressive stand up. I agree about not counting out Randy -- he's versitile, experienced and strong. Randy's last several opponents have all been brawlers, not submissions guys. Further, Tim Sylvia fights like a graceless, lumbering dope. Not Gonzaga. He's fast and very impressive. For those who say Randy with GNP, remember that Gonzaga did major GNP damage on Cro Cop before the ref (inexplicably) stood them both up.

I don't think that Gonzaga is a sure thing (are there any sure things left in the UFC anymore?), but he's a much more formidable opponent that Sylvia. Even Randy said he was much more concerned about fighting Gonzaga than Cro Cop.
7/9/07 7:05:43PM
How can you expect Couture to finish off GG if he couldn't finish paper champion: Tim? If Couture wins it will def be by decision IMO. It's hard for me to see Randy pulling this one off though. I don't see Couture having much of an advantage where ever this fight goes, ground or standing. GG by decision is my pick, even though I really hate going against Randy. The only way I see Randy taking it is if GG's cardio isn't up to par and he ends up gassing. Of course I'll still be cheering for Randy though.
7/10/07 6:49:56AM
Im betting Randy and don't have any doubts. I feel very confident Randy will pull this off. Probably decision, but one way or another Randy takes this one.
7/10/07 12:53:02PM
I want Coutour to win by any way.
7/11/07 3:09:19AM
I am going for Couture i hope he wins,i am betting on him for sure he owned that big goof sylvia.
7/11/07 7:39:59AM
I got GG winning...and for some reason I want him to win. I like Randy don't get me wrong but never really loved him like alota people do. GG by sub/dec or headkick lol.
7/13/07 6:51:12PM
Man I really want Couture to win. Hard to pick against him, but I can see him getting knocked out (flashes of Chucks right hand) in the first or second round. I think if Randy can get it into the 3rd round we could see him win take it the rest of the way.
7/13/07 8:16:45PM

Posted by Copenhagen
How can you expect Couture to finish off GG if he couldn't finish paper champion: Tim?

I wouldn't call him a paper champ, since he held the title twice. You can attack Tim for fighting not to lose or his lazy jabbing but it doesn't mean he didn't earn what he got. As for couture not finishing Tim its hard finishing a guy who goes all defence the whole fight.

I want Couture to win this, and since I'd probably bet with him even if he was fighting Fedor of course I'll bet for him here.
7/15/07 12:24:01AM
Randy GNP 3rd
7/15/07 9:27:19PM
I was not sure who to pick here, but you should know, the link (web address - cut & paste) below provided me with no insight, only laughter. Randy doesn't have his own video!

7/15/07 9:43:38PM
close one, but i think gonzaga will take it.
7/15/07 10:52:21PM
I think Randy's best chance will be to play conservative in the first couple rounds. If he does, GG will gas in the third and Randy will take the decision.
I don't think GG cardio comes close to Couture's.
7/16/07 4:02:09AM
This is one of the hardest fights to pick ever. I actually think it is pretty even, but the mental edge and experience going to Couture by far. Look how he did against a much larger and more powerful opponent in Big Tim, he beat him mentally (granted, Tim isn't very good, but he was more then physically capable of destroying Couture).

I think he could do the same for Gonzaga, but you can't underestimate a hungry young gun like GG, who definitely has all the tools to dismantle Couture. So my opinion probably doesn't help too much, but if you believe Randy will execute a perfect gameplan to grind out a decision, pick him (he's always good at defying the odds), but I doubt Couture will finish him.
7/16/07 5:33:59PM
first off couture would destroy cro cop if they fought, and he will beat gonzaga by gnp in rd 2
7/16/07 9:02:15PM
gonzaga via round 2 GnP
7/16/07 9:13:46PM

Posted by LightsOut33093

gonzaga via round 2 GnP

DAMN lightsout?! is it only Warcreed and I picking Couture?!
7/16/07 9:17:47PM
if GG had not knocked out CC who here would pick him to beat Couture? no one.... and even if he does win he wont hold the belt for long. CC will come back and KO him....Nog, AA, Sylvia!!!!, will all beat him
7/17/07 1:25:47PM

Posted by Taylor8766

first off couture would destroy cro cop if they fought, and he will beat gonzaga by gnp in rd 2

You just lost all credibility with this post. Couture can't "destroy" anyone. He couldn't even finish the clumbsy Sylvia (how fast would CC and GG finish him off )

If anything, CC would "destroy" Couture...and no doubt GG in the rematch. Think about it, if someone is not motivated it is not THAT hard to beat them if you are a professional fighter. If Fedor ever comes to a match without caring about it (I don't think this will ever happen), even Lindland would beat him. Too bad for everyone Fedor trains like an animal no matter who he is fighting.

That being said, I have to lean in favor of Couture via gameplan, but I don't know if I'm gonna bet on it, GG is so hungry.
7/17/07 5:09:01PM
Im gona pick randy. He showed when fighting sylvia that he will not be easy hit even though tim made him look good he will not under estimate gonzaga's standup like cro cop. for gonzaga's to win this fight he has to get on top of randy not inposable but a tall ask
7/19/07 5:20:27PM
double randys losses and they are more than his wins, he's good but not that good. i dont see any chance of him doing anything to gonzaga
7/20/07 12:49:44PM
Randys fights seem to alwats be aginst the best guys he didn't get many overwhelming easy fights
7/20/07 1:47:32PM

Posted by BeerisGood

double randys losses and they are more than his wins, he's good but not that good. i dont see any chance of him doing anything to gonzaga

That is a ridiculous think to say.

A list of the people he lost to.
2X Chuck Liddell - whom he had beaten.
Vitor Belfort - whom he also beat 2X.
Ricco Rodriguez
Josh Barnett
Valentijn Overeem
Mikhail Illoukhine
Enson Inoue

Combined record of all the people he lost to is 136 - 59 - 1.

Remember that he didn't fight until after he turned 30. We might not even have seen Randy in his prime. He's great. He has been fighting at the top level for a long time. Win loss record means vary little. Try to think before you post. Saying stuff like that makes you look like a tool.
7/20/07 3:39:41PM
The 1st round will be explosive and crazy. But Couture will win in the 2nd GNP!
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