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2/26/09 1:27:50AM
I am having trouble making up my mind on this one!! anybody care to add some input, please be my guest..
2/26/09 2:14:29AM
I think Gonzaga has the edge here. He has fought higher caliber opponents, and is much more well rounded.
They both have knock out power, but Gonzaga has good BJJ skills. Also, Carwin has never been out of the 1st round, so we don't know how well conditioned he will be.
2/26/09 6:32:24AM

Posted by monk111

I am having trouble making up my mind on this one!! anybody care to add some input, please be my guest..

2/26/09 8:26:18AM
From what I saw against Christian Wellisch, Carwin's boxing looked pretty sloppy, with not very much head movement. I think that Gonzaga keeps him at bay on the feet, and Carwin reverts to wrestling. Once it hits the mat it's Gonzaga's, easily.
2/26/09 9:16:57AM
You are underestimating Carwins world class wrestling, and good striking and power.

He wins this easy on the feet by KO early, on the ground by KO or controlling postion. We have seen so many times in the past couple years were BJJ isnt as good as it was because of world class wrestlers being able to smother BJJ peeps and avoid the subs, and deliever brutal GNP ala GSP v BJPenn 2.........

This is no contest Carwin dominates gets a fight with Kongo for #1 contender, wins that, and its the battle of big hands brock v carwin!
2/26/09 9:39:07AM

Posted by monk111

I am having trouble making up my mind on this one!! anybody care to add some input, please be my guest..

Well Monk, its a hard one to call.

Gonzaga has the experience on his side because he's been in the big show and fought big opponents such as Cro Cop, Couture, and Werdum. He's looked great lately against lesser known opponents such as McCully and Hendricks. He's been showcasing very well rounded skills and has numerous tools to finish fights. If he's shown one weakeness, its that his will is easy to break, as you can see in his fight with Werdum. As such, I think the longer this fight goes, the better chance Carwin has of taking it. Gonzga needs to capitalize on his slick jj and powerful head kick to put Carwin away fast.

Its still relatively early in Carwins career, and although he also has 10 fights, he hasnt fought many noteworthy opponents, so it still remains to be seen if this guy is for real. This fight will answer alot of questions, because if he wins he will be an instant HW contender. The UFC is throwing him to the wolves to see what happens. He's a devestating striker and has great wrestling. Therefore, I think he's either going to grind out a gnp or possibly LnP decision over Gonzaga or he will be looking for a flash KO followed up by some devestating GnP.

So it really comes down to strength vs skill (thought Gonzaga is a powerful fighter in his own right). Probably one of the hardest fights on the card to call.

I'm taking Gonzaga by submission. GG is a beast on the ground and I think if Carwin takes him down at somepoint Gonzaga will catch him with an armbar or maybe kimura, probably second round.
2/26/09 10:34:00AM
right now i have carwin in upset
only cause he has one punch knockout power and gonzaga attends to give up when he is getting battered, if it hits the ground gonzaga will win , but i think carwin might ko him the werdum fight said alot when a bjj guy with little striking out striked gonzaga who is a hell of alot better, gonzaga quit in that match, the fact the ufc has hand fed him easy opponents, carwin is the real deal, i won't be surprised which either guy takes it, i like gonzaga alot, but i need to realize that i sometimes play with favorites even though reality wants me to pick the other guy
2/26/09 1:47:15PM
Carwin has never been out of the first round. I think that should tell you something. Don't expect Gonzaga to make it out of the first.
2/26/09 2:07:48PM
It kills me to think that Carwin will win this but he actually might because he hits hard and Gonzaga doesn't like being hit.
I absolutely think that Gonzaga is the better / more rounded fighter but Carwin just seems to throw powerful punches.
Over all, I think Gonzaga is the best choice.
2/26/09 2:46:18PM
I guarantee Gonzaga wins by KO in the first round.
2/26/09 3:20:01PM
The key is to not back off Gonzaga keep in his face IMO he's a great fighter but he lacks some heart. When the fight gets tough he seems to break down. Thats what I saw against both Randy and Werdum.
2/26/09 9:23:40PM

Posted by tmas

This is no contest Carwin dominates gets a fight with Kongo for #1 contender, wins that, and its the battle of big hands brock v carwin!

You seem to be forgetting Dos Santos and Cain, both those guys hit pretty hard too. I just don't see carwin taking on brock
2/26/09 11:12:26PM
There have been a lot of fights that I've been excited for lately. I gotta go with Gonzaga because he's the more experienced guy, and both are really skilled fighters.
2/26/09 11:26:58PM
Gabriel has him in every facet minus wrestling, maybe, using his loss to Couture to pick Carwin is kind of wrong because Randy and Shane have different wrestling styles, Randy is more of the greco roman style which in my opinion is the superior style for mma. I think Gabe will establish hes the much better striker and if Carwin clinches I think everyone will be surprised how well Gonzaga does. Carwin hasnt faced a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt yet and Gabe is among the best at HW all around, this fight will be brutal but look for Gabe to take control on the ground and submit him. I think Carwin needs to try and blanket Gabe, tire him out, dirty box a lot, we'll see Carwins tank in this if he dosnt get a quick KO, but standing you have to give it to Gabe.
2/27/09 12:56:17AM

Posted by tmas

This is no contest Carwin dominates gets a fight with Kongo for #1 contender, wins that, and its the battle of big hands brock v carwin!

That's what I always thought. And considering Carwin is now at Jackson camp, he'll win.
2/27/09 3:00:23AM
It kills me that this "easilly broken" label gets attached to Gonzaga. Against Couture--Randy landed an illegal headbutt that broke Gabriel's nose on a takedown, he also suffered a broken orbital bone and kept fighting. Against Werdum the second time around--again the knee strike towards the end landed right on the nose and broke it again. Then his hand got trapped against the side of the fence and he couldn't defend himself.

Both times they were serious nose breaks, and Gonzaga was basically choking on the blood until it completely gassed him. The guy has heart, and I hope everyone will see that when he lays it into Carwin.
2/27/09 3:14:18AM
Everyone should know GG fought not long after his son died(by not long I mean withing weeks), so he does have heart. I do think he could end up being broken mentally again though if he's pressured.
2/27/09 7:00:45AM
Carwin is like 34 and hes never fought anyone good the best fighter he beat is Wellisch who is just a HW filler

Gonzaga should sub him in the first while their still dry
2/27/09 8:44:12AM
I think Carwin will win, not becuse he's a better fighter per say but a bigger more well-rounded fighter, plus he has 5XL gloves
2/27/09 10:19:27AM

Posted by copcopps

I think Carwin will win, not becuse he's a better fighter per say but a bigger more well-rounded fighter, plus he has 5XL gloves

Carwin is more well rounded that Gonzaga? I did not know this. However, if that's the case then I'll probably pick Gonzaga anyways because I think Gonzaga has more experience and has shown greater versatility.
2/27/09 12:09:43PM
Ha as a wrestler myself my heart tells me that Carwin is gonna win. But as an all around MMA fan i say Gonzaga should win. So it comes down to who i think has more heart and that i give to Carwin so i have to go with him.
2/27/09 12:49:18PM
this fight will be a great measuring stick to see how good Carwin really is... he may be too powerful for Gonzaga.
2/27/09 1:15:17PM
GG wins this as long as he doesn't take a big shot to the face.

Carwin's cardio, ground game, and sub defense have never been tested.

With that said.. I'm putting money on Carwin pulling off the slight upset. TKO Rd1.
2/28/09 10:32:17AM
If Gonzaga wouldn't have went fetal against Werdum, it'd make this pick a whole lot easier. Not sure if he just has a problem with Werdum, pressure being put on him, or just big fighters. He is a better striker than Carwin by far, but if Carwin closes the gap its all him. I see Gonzaga having to KO Carwin to win. If Carwin can clinch up he will take Gonzaga down. If he takes Gonzaga down he will rain down some punches and Gonzaga will likely curl up into a ball again.
2/28/09 7:21:59PM
This should be FOTN. I have Carwin winning late by way of KO in a sluggfest. We will get to see what Shane's chin is made of. If he can take a lickin and keep on tickin it will be a long night for Gonzaga.
3/1/09 2:23:13AM
Gonzaga because he is more technical and carwin won't be able to bully him. he will knock him out standing and submit him on the ground. I think he wins wherever this fight happens.
3/1/09 10:13:33AM
I think a lot of people are selling Gonzaga short on this fight. Carwin hits hard but he also has an untested chin and Gonzaga also hits very hard. He's also a way better technical striker. He has better footwork and more tools on the feet. Gonzaga has also put on some muscle and paid extra attention to strength and conditioning since fighting Randy and Werdum. He's seen what his weaknesses are and addressed them.

That said, it is possible for Carwin to either catch Gonzaga with a big right hand or grind out a lay and pray. The former is more likely as I don't think Carwin is a match for Gonzaga on the ground.
3/1/09 10:25:07AM
Carwin has fought nothing but cans up until this point, that's why he hasnt made it out of the first, you cant expect a can to be a match for his strength. If you look at his past opponents most of them have more losses than wins on their record.

Now he's facing a guy who nearly matches him in size, a true heavyweight and a much more well rounded fighter. Something tells me that Carwin is going to gas when GG makes it out of the first round.

Anyway, all of this reminds me of the hype that followed Houston Alexander, except I can see Carwin adapting and becoming a real force in the future after losing to Gonzaga. Too bad he isnt a little younger though.
3/3/09 4:15:42AM
Carwin is a can crusher if you look at his record

his opponents records first to last outside UFC


hes 34 if you got 10 pro fights on your record and have never lost or been out of the first round your not fighting the right people
3/3/09 10:20:35AM
But if you compare Carwin to the current UFC Champ.....

What you get is this...

Brock = 4XL gloves

Carwin = 5XL gloves

Brock = Division 1 national champ

Carwin = Division 2 national champ

Brocks record before the UFC 1-0 with one Finish

Carwins record before the UFC 8-0 with 8 Finishes all in the first round under the 3 minute mark, not to mention he found wins with KO's Subs and TKO's in those fights....

Brock is 6'2 and weighs about 270lbs

Carwin is 6'4 and weighs about 255lbs

Brock now has the Belt and Has beaten to legends in the sport, because of his size and wrestling Knowledge. people acclaim how could he could be or would be if he would have had a little whil longer to learn the ropes....

Well that could be IMO could be what we get out of Carwin !!

I want to take nothing away from Gonzaga, I am sure he has heart and talent and all the rest of the stuff stated in opinions above this post....

But we a have stated at one point in time how the Heavyweight class is lacking, and IMO this years will be the year that the new guys take this class to the next level...

And for that to happen Gonzaga really cannot win, WAR CARWIN
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