Gono Discusses Hand Surgery (Funny!)

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2/12/08 9:35:20AM
Akihiro Gono, who pulled out of his fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 82, recently had surgery to repair his injured hand. He wrote about the surgery on his blog yesterday which was translated by Suki MMA:

I couldn’t sleep well because my right hand is in pain even if I take pain killer pills. I realized how hard to do everything by my left hand. I want to get married so bad now. I’m 33 years old and this is my first time to dream about getting a wife. I want someone who is attractive and respectful. I should be competitive to be chosen by my dream girl though.

2/12/08 3:28:18PM
Hmmmm did nobody else find it funny that he complains about jerking off with his left hand then pines for a wife?

Hope Gono comes back soon, remember he was going to be fighting Fitch in a few weeks
2/12/08 3:39:27PM
Gono is the man, i had him beating Fitch with one of his slick submissions
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