Gomi vs Guida ?

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POLL: Gomi vs Guida ?
Gomi by TKO 0% (0)
Gomi by Submission 0% (0)
Gomi by Decision 8% (1)
Guida by TKO 8% (1)
Guida by Submission 8% (1)
Guida by Decision 75% (9)
12/29/10 8:15:28PM
A difficult pick, I'm wondering how the playground sees it. I've got Guida at the moment but Gomi looked like he was in great shape after looking pudgy against Florian. My concern is that Gomi at his peak, still isn't enough to win consistently against the UFC's best. One punch does not prove much other than what we allready knew, Gomi packs a punch. On the other hand Guida comes directly at Gomi's strength's, I think it will be the fight of the night if it's not a Gomi KO. I just don't see Guida going to sleep, he's as durable as any fighter out there.
12/29/10 9:26:05PM
Guida by dec- Gorilla style hammer fists and insane cario wresling control
12/29/10 10:28:50PM
Gomi by decision.
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