I got $50 on Gomi

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1/24/07 10:49:16AM
Like it says I am taking Gomi over Diaz in what should be an interesting match up. If you have Diaz hit me with the wager.

Thanks guys I got enough wagers.
1/24/07 12:05:14PM
There's no way I'm betting against Gomi on this one.

So I too welcome a $50 bet from anyone who thnks Diaz can pull it off.
1/24/07 12:57:59PM
Just as a long shot bet I'll put up $5 to your $50 , even if Gomi is my fav and just too dominant, I'll buy a little lotto ticket if you're so sure.
1/24/07 5:10:42PM
on the way, brother
1/24/07 5:38:30PM
i sent you a wager

i think diaz takes this one
1/24/07 5:43:03PM
Sinical, sorry dude i rejected your wager. You were the last one I was taking. I didn't mean to reject it. I will send it to you.
1/24/07 5:45:01PM
I'll take Gomi for $50 if anyone wants it.
1/24/07 6:03:30PM
I'll take $50-100 on Gomi against anyone that wants to take Diaz. Send me wagers
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