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1/4/08 4:26:59AM
After the chuck, wandei fight as the camera was going around did anyone catch Gomi in the front row? I had my pvr and rewind it to see IT WAS him. What does this mean? Hope Gomi comes to UFC. Love to see him clean up the division. But I really dont see him beating 1 guy
Sherk". The guy is just too dominate, and i cant see gomi getting away from him on the ground.

what are your thoughts? think he will be in UFC in mid 08? I hope so
1/4/08 10:58:03AM
I would love to see Gomi get signed. As much as i love the UFC lightweight division, they really need to sign some of the former pride guys. Lots of top talent that they should get out there.
1/4/08 11:15:14AM
There was already a thread about this a few days ago. Learn to use the search button, bud.
1/4/08 1:13:53PM

i had posted this a couple days ago, if you dont want to use the link just read this and it will answer most of your questions...

“I’ve wanted to sign Takanori Gomi for a long time. I am very interested in him"

At UFC 79, Gomi had ringside seats. Was it just a coincidence or was Gomi at the arena to talk to White?

“Gomi was just here to watch the fights,” White said, “He did stop by and say hello though.”

1/4/08 2:50:35PM
If Gomi had Cardio and a weight class he'd be a great addition. I don't know what he'd fight at but a 155 cut would be tough and he would suck in his first fight there or at 170.
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