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3/19/08 9:30:57PM
I got a chance to interview Golden Boy Promotions matchmaker Eric Gomez about Golden Boy's relationship with Affliction and possible involvement with MMA in the future.

On the relationship between Golden Boy Promotions and Affliction and whether they will be teaming up to do MMA cards:

“We’ll make an announcement shortly. But there’s some things we’re working with them. As of right now we’ve started a relationship with them and they are one of the sponsors of our shows and, obviously, we are going to give them visibility on our shows and we’re just starting the relationship. There will be more announcements in the near future.”

On his thoughts about MMA:

“It’s exciting. I mean, If you get the right kind of … it’s just like boxing in the way that if you get the right matchups people will watch. If you get the right matchups, people will watch. It comes down to styles like boxing. That’s what makes the fights good fights.”

On the possibilites in MMA:

“Obviously, there is some money being made. When you add Oscar’s name and the element of Golden Boy, so there are some opportunities there. We’re not going to leave any rocks unturned.”

On when we might here some news about Golden Boy and MMA:

“Soon. I mean, you know, look, we’re a young company. We’re hungry. We’ve had huge success in the first four years of our existance. We have a lot more time ahead of us, so we’re just going to keep working hard and see what we can do. Make a difference.”

Check out this link for the entire interview:
3/19/08 9:57:56PM
this wasn't you that interviewed was it?
3/20/08 3:26:49AM
Yes. I interviewed him on Wednesday at Azteca Gym.
3/20/08 4:42:35AM
Mike Whithead will be fighting Babalu on their first card. I dont have a source cause he was sworn to secrecy. Just remember you heard it here first because its legit. Oh yeah its on Showtime, sometime late in June.
3/20/08 7:31:51AM
according to this site Balbalu is fighting some other brazilian cat??? Whitehead is my guy though so i hope u are right.
3/20/08 10:37:42AM
If that is true, Whitehead will knock Babalu out in the second.
3/20/08 5:29:46PM
Whitehead by gnp. I went to high school with him and talk to him quite frequently. He is a hell of a guy. WAR WHITEHEAD
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