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5/2/08 1:56:02PM
im not the biggest fan of boxing. 90% of my knowledge comes from me playing fight night round 3, but god damn can they make a documentary.

i was glued to the tv for both of the 24/7's and im watching the countdown to his fight with steve forbes on saturday. i wish the ufc could put on this kind of production.

5/2/08 2:17:14PM
sure did make it seem like forbes has a chance to win we all know he is being paid to take a dive for the big showdown vs pretty bot floyd where he will love then in Oscars final fight will be a rubber match vs pretty boy

its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Plus I still think Oscar won the first fight

5/3/08 2:49:04AM
i think forbes is truly trying to win. the hbo's countdown's are good they really get you amped for the fight but sometimes the countdown is better than the actual fight.
i also feel that oscar won the fight against mayweather. if or when they face again oscar is going to win. they are schedule to fight in the fall for the rematch if everything goes according.
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