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9/23/07 8:47:28PM
Just wanna give some props to the man who is #1 in points in both the main and the secondary league. How the f do you do that!?
9/23/07 11:36:34PM
I hereby sign up as your apprentice.. Tell me everything you know.
9/24/07 1:08:21AM
B Goetz is the man, the MVP, and the brains behind our team...

He is my right hand man. He is inspirational.

Bow before greatness. Ye shall hope to be on our team.


PS- His secret is... Xyience.
9/24/07 7:56:59AM

Im just stoked i did so well getting into the top 75 in the last few events getting 2 hot bouts perfect in a row but Goetz shows me up as the clueless imbecile i am!
9/24/07 5:18:15PM
i went 7-2 last fight and this this one to and that was hard lol great job
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