godzilla and don frye

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2/29/08 8:02:11PM
just sort of curious if anyone else here has seen Godzilla: Final War with Don in it. The movie is friggin hilarious cause its godzilla and has Don as a lead character.

Ne one else?
2/29/08 9:06:23PM
That's one of the greatest movies ever.

You can't forget Funaki in that either.He kicked ass as well. Sometimes I get drunk and watch that.It make me want to go to Japan

2/29/08 10:57:38PM
lol! yea me and my buddies always rip on movies by doing "commentary" sort of like those 2 muppets from back in the day! we ended up turning the whole thing into a misunderstand where godzilla just wanted beer, and don was drunk the entire movie. sounds dumb, but was hella funny at the time!
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