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8/8/12 6:21:42PM
I had a date night with my wife last night and we went to an indoor glow in the dark mini putt, it was really cool, it was pitch black with loads of black lights and everything was lit up like crazy, they were playing some old school slayer, megadeth, pantera and for some reason a mix of nu-metal crap, but still, it was a blast! if It was around in my young dumb days, it would have been an amazing place to eat some shrooms and have a good night.

We had a great night anyways.
if you've never been do glow in the dark mini putt, go if you have the chance.
8/8/12 6:37:51PM
i've done it a couple times and its hella fun. if it was 20 years ago there would be a lot of acid dropped before going
8/8/12 6:49:31PM
I've done it high... it's a blast.
8/8/12 8:15:14PM
Used to always get high & hit up the glow in the dark mini putt.
Infact! Got my dick sucked in it once & my jizz was glow
in the dark all over the girls shirt! & in her teeth
8/8/12 8:39:14PM
Lol, funny there's a thread about this. We were talking about The Putting Edge today at work. I haven't personally gone on shrooms but one guy said he had a blast when he did it.
8/8/12 8:57:15PM
Definitely a good time

always go to one when I go visit my brother in college station. After we've smoked of course
8/9/12 11:39:47AM

Posted by DancingDoll

I've done it high... it's a blast.

Putt, Putt, Pass? Lol