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7/5/07 1:41:49PM
does anyone know where i can get a good set of mma style gloves for a good price??
7/5/07 3:10:30PM
Go to google and put in "MMA gloves", you will get hundreds of sites selling them
7/5/07 3:13:12PM
u can get some on sherdog for like 30-45 bucks, they are some good gloves, u can also get one that u can put any logo on there, for 1500 bucks...

UFC.COM - store has the offical UFC Ouano Gloves 60 bucks
and there are tons of gloves on

I have some Century Gloves. Go to their site, they have tons of stuff, Boxing to MMA, to BOB punching bags, awesome site. i think

The ones i wanna buy are Pride FC, but i can't find those anywhere, im buying thos becuz im already getting the UFC gloves.

7/5/07 5:38:36PM is a great site with alot of mma gear.
7/5/07 10:20:52PM
Sign up for a fight the promotion will give you a pair.....
7/6/07 1:13:19AM
I got some baseball gloves u can have. lol
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