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12/23/11 3:24:14PM
Glover Teixeira finally got a visa to fight in the U.S.. After months of waiting, the light heavyweight granted permission to enter the country and its destination should be the UFC.

"I knew that the visa should leave, but the interview was scheduled for today. All went well and my passport arrives 10 days with a visa, "he said," I'm very close to signing with the UFC. In fact they called me to fight in the UFC against Fabio Maldonado Rio, but I'm a hand injury and did not have time to train. Ed Smith talked to Joe Silva, who told me to rest assured that my place in the UFC would be guaranteed. In the coming weeks, I will meet with them and sign, everything is well underway. "

Glover explained his injury and revealed that hopes to fight in the first quarter of 2012.

"I hope my next fight is already in the UFC in February or March," he said, "I hurt in the fight against Ricco Rodriguez. My hand injury is not serious, it is only in cartilage, but bothers. So I'm trying not to be always bothering me about it. I think here about 20 days I can train, but I'm doing physical conditioning and everything else. I just can not punch, because it is precisely the part that bothers."

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12/23/11 3:34:37PM

Posted by emfleek


My thoughts exactly!
12/23/11 3:35:03PM
I wonder why guys are having visa issues, I mean what is the issue?
12/23/11 11:06:40PM
I have been waiting for Glover to come to the UFC for a few years now!!! Yeah buddy!!!!!!!! I hope they don't throw him to the wolves though. I hope they give him a few lower level opponents at first.
12/23/11 11:25:02PM
I'd like to see him matched up with Igor Pacrajac.
12/24/11 1:27:12AM

Posted by jae_1833

I'd like to see him matched up with Igor Pacrajac.

12/24/11 8:44:28AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I wonder why guys are having visa issues, I mean what is the issue?

he probably overstayed his visit in 2008. that would be my guess, I dont think he has any criminal history. He's also married to an american woman and his VISA issues date back many years, so that could raise eyebrows as well.
12/25/11 3:56:15PM
If I'm not mistaken he's had this visa issue for awhile now and shouldve made his UFC debut years ago. Now he's improved a lot and its better in the long run for him anyway. I have no doubt he gets signed by the UFC.
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