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8/4/13 2:30:39AM
With Lyoto Machida out of the light heavyweight title picture, a path has been cleared for Glover Teixeira.

8/4/13 2:43:09AM
Not surprised but would definitely like to see how he does with Bader, a dominant performance would warrant a title shot imo.
8/4/13 10:37:22AM
I think Glover has the ability to damage Bones. But i didn't see the fight last night with Phil Davis. But i think he's got a chance with his wrestling and sub skills and a nice range.
8/4/13 11:48:37AM
I think Teixeira has the best chance at because I think he's the most well-rounded fighter that Jones has faced.
8/4/13 1:05:26PM
Makes sense, Glover has the streak and the hype. I would think Davis comes right after that...he won a controversial decision over Machida, it really wasn't a great fight for either though.
8/4/13 2:17:07PM
I gotta agree that Glover gets it. Would be a interesting fight
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