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11/3/09 9:58:39AM
After a takedown show at UFC 104, which guaranteed Gleison Tibau’s 20th victory in the career, against Josh Neer, the American Top Team lightweight wants to fight again this year. Satisfied with the result, the Brazilian wants more fights this year.

11/3/09 3:37:52PM
I like Gleison, would like to see him get another win before the end of the year....

Not sure who's available to fight though...maybe Gleison vs Mac?
11/3/09 5:54:13PM
danzig? lol that'll get him cut from the ufc for sure. they oughta give mac some cans or something, he's been gettin beat up latley lol
11/3/09 7:39:39PM
Dude fought 4 times in 09. but I wouldnt mind seeing gleison a bit more. Mabye a rematch with Stevenson, or Griffin. Or maybe a fight with nate Diaz that could be a great BJJ match. There are a lot fo up and comers right now but I think they would be a step back in competition for Tibau.
11/4/09 1:00:30AM
I doubt he will get one more in before next year. They have a lot scheduled already, but who knows all we need is one injury and he's in there. I'd like to see him fight Edgar personally.
11/4/09 9:10:32AM
he has my vote for comeback fighter of the year
he should be 4-0 this year
fought clemenit, neer, stevens and guillard
not bad going 3-1 but i think at most fight night or even ufc 109 he will be there
my hats off to him
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