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8/6/08 11:13:31AM
well that fights not one sided at all huh? what is this PR%DE?

Its gotta be a mistake
8/6/08 11:46:29AM
Hopefully it is. I thought Sick Dog was a LHW
8/6/08 11:46:58AM
It is, Hermes Franca vs Gleison Tibau is the fight, besides a LW fighter against a LHW fighter would never be allowed in the states, by any athleteic comission.
8/6/08 1:24:51PM
Hector has been gone for a while but IDK if he COULD drop down to lw. I really doubt it
8/6/08 1:54:26PM
well theres no source. Since hector is a LHW this is just wrong. It's Tibau vs Franca.
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