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10/4/09 10:43:52PM
Gleison Tibau (19-6) is under a strong pace of preparation for his upcoming fight versus Josh Neer at UFC 104, on October 24th. And Tibau believes the conditioning part of the training will make the difference to the victory.

“I’m training so hard. I’ve been stressing the physical conditioning part, which will probably be decisive because I’m training for more time than my adversary. The strategy is to be all over him” said the UFC lightweight fighter to Brasil Combate’s Vitor Targueta.

The American Top Team prospect searches to rebound from the loss to Melvin Guillard, his latest performance what created lots of discussions because of the controversial result in favor of the American fighter.

10/4/09 10:53:56PM
I also thought Tibau won his last fight, he would be smart to try his best to not let it go to the judges again. I have always been a fan of Tibau, hopefully he puts in a good performance against Neer.
10/4/09 11:40:52PM
I wouldnt either if I was Tibau. Something fishy about that last fight. A Split Decision and the judges scores werent read off?
10/5/09 12:23:12AM
I agree that the fight with Melvin was fishy but I dont see him finishing Neer. In my opinion he's going to the judges again and should just edge out Neer. Hopefully he fights even more aggressive and smart and avoids leaving it to the judges.
10/5/09 2:03:53AM
Neither do I.
10/5/09 10:35:31AM
I knew he was a big guy for the division, but I didn't know how big! He said weighed 84 kg in the cage for his last fight. That's abut 185 lbs. So he somehow put on 30 lbs overnight! I don't care what he thinks, that's REALLY unhealthy.
10/5/09 10:36:30AM
He definitely beat Melvin, but its his own fault for not submitting someone so terrible on the ground.
10/5/09 3:49:47PM
Neer looked awful against Pellegrino... thinking Gleison LnP's for another decision?

Guy is gonna be like 185+ on fight night lol
10/5/09 5:43:45PM
"i don't trust girls anymore"
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