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5/5/07 7:11:05PM

Awesome fighter, and Im interesting in learning the kicks that he uses. IM talking about the chopping style of kick, where he seems to kick over his opponent, turn the top of his foot down to face them and then chop it into their head. Do not confused this with the axe kick.

at 00:43 in the video he can be seen landing on perfectly in slow motion.

Does anyone know how to correctly perform this, or how I could start working towards performing this technique?

Any help will be appreciated with props, providing I have not recently propped you!
5/6/07 2:24:53AM
His head kick is simliar to Ernesto Hoosts leg kicks, and its really all in the knee, although I honestly have never tried the Glaube kick to the head. How I do the Hoost style leg kick is to pivot on the front foot and whip my leg upwards, almost limp, and then power it through. It ends up looping your leg in a simliar fashion, although its hard on the ligaments after awhile, but it does tend to hit at a better angle.

Its kind of hard to explain, but if you watch a few Hoost highlights, you'll see they're more or less the same kick.
5/6/07 4:27:02AM
Thank you very much, unfortunately I cant prop you again yet = /

I will watch some Hoost videos, and have a look at how he is doing it. I might DL the videos off youtube and watch them in slow motion to see how its being done. I'll start trying to work them as whipping body and leg kicks first, I dont think I should try for that style of kick to the head until my Flexability has improved or it could get dangerous for the old tendons and ligaments!
5/6/07 5:05:43AM
I'm honestly not sure how Glaube has been doing that kick all along, as it looks like it would be a tremendous strain on the knee. When I do the leg kick, there isn't quite as much whip, and your leg isn't stretched out at all like a head kick, and even that starts to feel awkward after a few dozen. I've torn cartilage in both knees though, so it could just be that.

Either way, best of luck.
5/6/07 11:24:04AM
Well I can kick all day, so I think I should get on ok, but I will start off slow, that kind of whipping force could do some damage.

Thanks for your help!

Just found a solution, on good old youtube!

Fantastic kick!
5/6/07 3:46:22PM
Very interesting kick.

I'm a MT kickboxer and this is pretty much the way I do my leg kicks. You should definitely get it down in leg kicks before you think about trying for the head. When you get this down in leg kicks you'll be very happy with it, the chopping motion is soooo effective.
After seeing the videos you posted i've been trying to get my head kick like that and it doesn't seem as hard as it looks but I think in long term it could lead to leg injury for sure..

But yea, thanks for the videos man.
5/6/07 6:45:20PM
Yeah Im gonna work it with leg kicks to get it down first.

Im confident I can do it injury free, if it really wasnt a safe technique Im sure Kyokushin Karate would have abandoned it. Its done the with the same technique that Fedor uses for his punches, keep the limb loose and free and only tensing on impact, if you look carefully at Feitosa's leg, it remains very relaxed until the chop. I think If I maintain a loose limb until impact I wont stress my legs too much.

I train MT too and Im hoping to join the Newcastle University MT team in October when I start studying there (provided I get the grades to get in) and too use a chopping motion on my leg and body kicks, I feel the whipping creates a more stinging kick which wrecks the abs and the thighs when it hits. My LHK is very much like Cro Cop, full speed, full power and a very stiff leg on impact, with a wide cresent arc to get maximum acceleration.