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8/5/09 6:43:22PM
Gina Carano Trains for Cris Cyborg

Check out what a normal day for Gina Carano in the gym looks like!
8/5/09 8:23:14PM
That is some intense s***
8/5/09 9:13:52PM
crazy...... crazy ...CCRAZZYYYYY
8/5/09 9:46:24PM
Looks like basic Crossfit Work out to me! If you havnt looked into that yet you need to. Crossfit.Com......Its intense
8/5/09 10:51:51PM
Well, it's not a 'basic' crossfit workout but you're right, if there are circuits and you have to do active recovery then yeah. I love Crossfit myself...does wonders for recovery and VO2 max. I'd like to see her rolling and striking though. ;)

This fight is gonna
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