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8/28/09 11:42:50AM
Gina Carano opens up about loss to Cris Cyborg

After suffering a first round TKO at the hands of Cris Cyborg, Gina Carano talks about the fight for the first time.
8/28/09 11:48:13AM
I love me some Gina!! I dont care if she never wins another fight just so long as we get to see her weigh in at least a few more times.
8/28/09 11:54:55AM
Very classy interview from Gina. Good effort put in and she has nothing to be ashamed of. Shell be back.
8/28/09 1:06:35PM
A little more sentimental than I thought it was going to be, but still a class act. Hopefully this will further women's MMA.
8/28/09 3:40:17PM
I liked what she said about living life for the right reasons. I've been thinking the same thing about certain MMA fighters lately- that they are striving to reach their maximum human potential and IMO that's the best way to live.
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