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3/26/09 12:09:45AM
It is almost certain that Carano's next fight will be for Strikeforce, I assume the negotiations have more to do with how many fights will be on the contract. However, it's still pretty clear she wants to fight on a UFC. She mentioned a meeting with Dana and Lorenzo, and said that was a possibility.

3/26/09 3:07:50AM
Not gonna happen.
3/26/09 4:52:27AM
yeah frankly i don't think its gonna happen either in the UFC. but Zuffa should capitalize womens MMA is gonna get real big right after the Gina vs Cyborg fight and if they make an org that has a PPV twice a year where all of their roster fights in one division i think it would be a success...

And if they get a good enough name for it it will be the pinnacle like UFC is.

FCC - Female Cagefighting Championship

or is that already taken... lol i've heard of those people before...

3/26/09 5:56:51AM
any1 think Zuffa will throw a womens Div into the WEC?? i think it'd be better then to start a whole new Org just for women
3/26/09 10:46:24AM
not in ufc but wec it would be nice
3/26/09 11:20:05AM
There has been talks about bringing in a womens division in the WEC.

But women mma wont happen in the UFC, untill dana see's that is has some success in other orgs like wec, strikeforce.

So it will be awhile.
6/21/09 8:53:42PM
I highly doubt that there will ever be a womens division is the UFC. There just arnt enough good Women fighters. If dana was going to have one though it would be in the WEC.
6/21/09 8:57:02PM
WEC would get it.
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