Will Gina Carano come back?

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10/23/14 4:27:17PM
Hi Gentlemen. I was wondering, what you thought about Carano?
Have you seen her fight in person?? I have been watching her fights on FightPass, I like her a lot. Not only is she hot, but she can throw down.

During this time that she has been away from fighting, has she still been training actively? Or is she too far gone now?


10/23/14 6:27:31PM
Of course i'd like to see her fight again. She was an exciding fighter. PLus dem titays
10/23/14 11:16:02PM
I wouldn't mind it of they made her earn a title shot instead of an immediate match or just one weak opponent. She should have to earn it like everyone else.
10/24/14 11:25:04AM
Hottest MMA fighter ever!
I to miss looking at them girls.

I doubt we see her again in the octagon.
10/28/14 7:34:16AM
Hopefully not until Cyborg fights Ronda first. Gina needs a tune up and it would look weak seeing Rousey embarrass somebody who hasn't fought in 5 years.
10/28/14 2:33:54PM
okay, but the overall consensus is that people would like to see her come back, but she would have to earn her title shot. I agree.