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3/31/08 2:55:03PM
Does anyone know any details about Melendez's contract with Strikeforce? I'm curious on how many fights they have him signed for. I really like watching this guy fight and would really love to see him in the UFC.

I think he could hang with just about anyone the UFC has to offer. Matchups against the usual "Fight of the Night" candidates, Edgar, Griffin, & Huerta, would be sweet to watch.

3/31/08 3:30:07PM
well gilbert fought alittle reckless in the last fight, could have cost him the fight against a top contender fight, unlike the guy gilbert fought.
3/31/08 3:55:44PM
I think hes more likely to go to Dream than to the UFC if his contract ends. Just a hunch.
3/31/08 4:30:10PM
i think it all depends, jake shields i heard wanted to come to ufc at one point, maybe he'd follow jake into ufc. but who knows.
3/31/08 5:33:05PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

i think it all depends, jake shields i heard wanted to come to ufc at one point, maybe he'd follow jake into ufc. but who knows.

Jake just signed a long deal with elite. Also Gilbert is good friends with Nick Diaz who you could say has a rocky relationship with the UFC, that could effect him coming.
3/31/08 7:28:41PM
I hope he gets out of Strikeforce Dream and the UFC are the only places that can give him the match ups he deserves. I think he would clean out most in the UFC other then BJ and Sherk.
3/31/08 8:52:36PM
i hope he comes to UFC, this guy is a great fighter, and entertaining aswell
3/31/08 11:57:51PM
I think there is enough lightweights outside of the UFC for Melendez to get quality fights. There are options for him to climb the ladder of the lightweight division outside the UFC.
4/1/08 11:51:20AM
Wherever he goes, I hope to see him agaisnt slightly better competition that last weekend... Not that it was surprising, but Gilly seemed completely out of Gabe's class
4/2/08 1:36:05AM
he would do quite well man... he absolutely dominated guida 50-45 when they fought.

This makes me think he would be able to beat the likes of Tavares, T.Griffin, Stevenson, Florian, edgar, etc... easily

I would like to see him fight sherk
4/2/08 1:43:43AM
I dont think he will sign with DREAM.... he wasnt happy with the judging in japan after NYE and said they are bias....

so i think he stays in Strikeforce/Elite XC or joins the UFC....
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