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3/4/13 8:25:06AM
Not sure if theres anyone who can do this, but if someone could put Hunts face on an animation of E.Honda slapping the shit out of the car in Street Fighter 2 I will never change my avatar again. 100 props is the reward.
3/4/13 11:50:02AM
You mean like this?

3/4/13 1:16:55PM
That car broke like Struve's jaw
3/4/13 1:41:35PM

Posted by grappler0000

You mean like this?

I'd guess that's exactly what Pookie wanted. You the man.
3/4/13 2:47:01PM
Or if zoomed is preferred

3/4/13 2:50:20PM
Good job man thats funny. On a side note my brother inlaw has a chipped original xbox that has like every NES Sega Supernintendo game known to man. Has any one ever played pussy city pimps for NES? I have.

Here is A link for a youtube video LINK
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