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8/15/11 12:49:47AM
from 1:44-1:49

this dance is absolutely ridiculous, but i have no knowledge of how to create gifs.

Beds are Burning
8/15/11 1:24:11AM
Are you asking for it to be an avatar?
8/15/11 2:06:56AM

Posted by grappler0000

Are you asking for it to be an avatar?

nah just a file. it's for a friend
8/15/11 2:12:21AM
8/15/11 10:59:54AM
He saved some of his his best moves for this video around 3:30. link

I just showed a buddy of mine some of their vids for his dancing a few weeks ago, but that's more of a subject for another thread. I love Midnight Oil, they were one of my favorite bands when I was younger, and Peter Garrett is IMO the greatest dancer of all time.
8/15/11 12:49:01PM

Posted by grappler0000

This guy makes Anderson Silva look like a beginner.
8/15/11 7:19:49PM
I so badly want an avatar of tito ortiz hitting the security guard in the face with his massive flag at the start of his walkout at UFC 133. It was so ******* hilarious. The guy throws his arms up to try to get the flag off of him and then runs away when he gets free.

Unfortunately I can't find video of it anywhere without downloading the whole event and cutting that portion out.
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