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6/24/07 8:12:08PM

It wasn't meant to be funny, but half of the things they show in the video isn't even from one of his fights. I got a laugh out of the guy who made it.
6/24/07 8:20:45PM
Actually, that video is supposed to be funny, Boondock isn't that dumb, he's famous on Sherdog for his HL's this one was meant to be funny. I've seen that so many times and it gets funnier every time I see it. If you've never heard of Boondock you need to check his stuff out, he's the best I've ever seen for making MMA HL's his Saitama City HL with Shogun is the shizzzzz
6/24/07 8:36:03PM
Furious Angels ftw
6/24/07 8:56:18PM
Hah ohh I've never heard of him. I saw a HL video he made of James Thompson saying "best MMA fighter ever HL" and all it did was show him push Aleksander and kept replaying it. It was really funny.
6/24/07 9:57:12PM
6/25/07 12:43:28AM

An epic video showing the talent and hardships of the greatest MMA fighter to have ever walked the planet. No fighter has had a greater ... all » impact on the modern art of fighting and it is only fitting that he be honored.

This cannot be serious dude. You can only take this as a joke. Someone who is 2-6 is not the greatest ever. Its mildy funny.

And IMO Kickyourheadoff (KYHO)
and RHYS
both make better highlight reels.
Just saying. Boondock aint to shabby though.
6/25/07 3:26:31AM
Strongly disagree. Just saying.
6/25/07 5:53:50PM
Great...My idol

6/25/07 5:56:14PM
6/25/07 10:47:42PM
Who is the guy that appears at 46 seconds in Furious Angels. What's his name?
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