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2/26/09 10:05:23PM
Have you guys seen the videos for this game yet? I know there isn't much of a track record for marrages between video games and movies...But this puppy looks legit.

The video clips look amazing, and all the right-ups make it sound like a very promising release.

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2/26/09 10:16:05PM
that looks like it gets hectic I dont do good with games like that! It looks way cooler then I expected it to be.
2/26/09 10:35:20PM
Saw some footage for this last year and it looked pretty good.

Apparently there was enough interest that they decided to do a Ghostbusters III movie, even though they have to use a new cast.
2/26/09 10:37:57PM
Wow.. it looks like they might be using the star wars engines to make the game.

I wonder if they'll go for scary or comedy? My guess is scary since those kinds of games are usually way more successful
2/26/09 10:39:37PM
looks good
2/26/09 11:14:04PM
From what I understand the only missing voice actor from the original movies is Rick Moranis (sp?). Otherwise all four of the original ghostbusters, the mayor, janine, and all the other key actors have been tapped for voice-overs to make it as authentic as possible.

Sounds like it's be a mix of thriller/comedy for the game...Similar to the original GB formula.
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