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10/31/08 8:36:19PM
Ghost Hunters is live at fort delaware. its live for 7 hours. and Just now in the dungeons, A voice just said Your's not supposed to be here, Plain as day. I love this show.
Anyone else watchin it right now?
10/31/08 9:02:30PM
Yup. I'm watchin it too. That was awesome too. It said it twice. Only downside is its scifi so the quality of the transmission signal is horrible and the rain isn't helping! I love this show
10/31/08 9:11:17PM
yeah I know, I hate how it keeps freezin up
10/31/08 9:23:37PM
Yeah and it keeps happening just as it gets to a tense part where something might happen so you think you're going to miss something
10/31/08 9:36:28PM
yeah definitly.
I wish they had chosen someone other than the Miz to be the guest on here because he's being really annoying and rude. which Suprises me because he's a really cool down to earth guy everytime i've talked to him.

I hope they catch somethin like that voice again
10/31/08 9:45:57PM
Yeah the miz is being an ass.

Wow the more I watch the more I realize how poorly this was put together and planned.
10/31/08 9:53:21PM
yeah I know. That guy just walked right in while their investigating. I dont even think they knew who the guy was
11/1/08 8:38:28AM
Had 2 watch it in replay. Work and all. Love the show. The live ones get a little boring but I still love watching them. The only Ghost show with any credibility whatsoever. The rest are lame.
11/1/08 12:58:28PM
yeah i agree. although theres this new show called Ghost adventures on travel channel, its pretty good. I think it is real also. but the rest, NOt so much
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