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11/25/11 4:13:48PM
For those that haven't used it, I have a few times, and it's great for weekends when there are no televised combat sports.

Basically entire fight cards are $9.99 and up. Live. Production quality of course differs by promotion. There is an occasional free card also.

I hopped on their email list a while back and there are cards worth watching if you like catching regional MMA cards, muay thai, kickboxing, wrestling, etc worldwide. For instance Huerta's 170 debut against War Machine at Ultimate Warrior Fighting I is only $9.99 tomorrow at 9pm ET and is just one of 6 available this weekend for $10-15. Most of the promotions show their full cards; all I've seen have.

I'm not affiliated with the site, but if you're looking to catch some MMA from a promotion that isn't shown on TV and don't mind sparing $10, it's at least worth hopping on the mailing list so you know of all the events happening each weekend. Check it out if it sounds like your bag baby.

11/25/11 4:28:35PM
I've had their app installed on Roku for a while now, but haven't made the jump yet.
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