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2/26/10 10:27:55PM
Seriously, I want to see the man fight and at this point I don't care who it is...give jose canseco...why is it so difficult for this man to fight? I'm just plain tired of it...and I tell you what,,,Fedor will probably lead to the end of strikeforce...I don't maybe I"m just tired from working and going to school all week but dammit...why is it so hard? Ok so I get that Overeem isn't going to fight in america so they have to give him Werdum...but now I'm reading they want to redo his contract!!!! Someone please help me understand and talk me off the this point I just want him to retire so I don't have wonder when I will see him murder someone again... it will just be over and the Ali v Tyson type arguments can least with those you know there is zero chance of seeing the fight...not this constant "it could happen"
2/27/10 12:08:39AM
2/27/10 1:50:14AM
Dude he just fought in November. That's more recent then GSP, Anderson, Liddell, Rampage, Shogun, and Machida's and many mores last fight and he's suppose to be fighting next in April or May. With plenty of fights IMO to keep us entertained until then. patience is a virtue haha
2/27/10 2:24:47AM
The only thing about Fedor that bugs me is that he doesn't give into my selfish desires of seeing him fight in the UFC (oh and that Overeem won't fight him for some reason!)
2/27/10 3:27:50AM
2/27/10 5:52:48AM
if you are THAT concerned about Fedor not fight, then you obviously have a man crush and in fact dont want to see him retire at all. "Talk me off the ledge" Its that twinkle in his eye isnt it.
2/27/10 7:04:40AM

Posted by BeeR

if you are THAT concerned about Fedor not fight, then you obviously have a man crush and in fact dont want to see him retire at all. "Talk me off the ledge" Its that twinkle in his eye isnt it.

well thats kind of my point...I do want to see him fight and often...what bugs me is that they can't seem to just hammer down a date...I heard its no go with april then May but now there are rumblings that that is in doubt as well...I really don't care if he doesn't fight until July or whenever I just want to qoute Tom Petty "The waiting is the hardest part." But then reading about how M-1 wants to re-tool his current just all seems so ridiculous...I'm not really tired of Fedor...I just can't understand why he doesn't get in the ring...GSP had a groin injury...MAchida Shogun was last Oct...and at least there May fight was SCHEDULED months ago...I fail to see why a fight can't even be lined up officially...maybe its not fedors fault....maybe its Strikeforce or M-1's....and I don't have to be patient....THIS IS THE INTERNET
2/27/10 7:42:42AM
well hopefully He will follow in Gegards footsteps and find some new management, Im sure he would fight anyone at anytime, but its not in the best interest of his management, I dont think Fedor would take it too hard if he lost to a roidcase, but M1 would take quite the hit if if he were to lose and the legacy of The Last Emporer was tarnished.
2/27/10 11:43:00AM
You gotta think that Fedor is getting closer and closer to a loss, if he loses he will end up in the UFC. The only way he loses is by KO or TKO so I can't see Werdum beating him.
2/27/10 11:54:31AM
when will people realize all this bullshit happening with fedor IS NOT FEDORS FAULT ITS IS VLADIM or w.e his name is, M-1 GLOBAL IS THE PROBLEM NOT FEDOR
2/27/10 2:08:51PM
i don't know but mousasi parting ways with M-1 made me a very happy boy...that opens the door to the ufc wide.
2/27/10 2:29:31PM
yes, i am getting tired of Fedor...well not really Fedor but his management. only fight left outside the UFC that i would be interested in is Overeem. that fight needs to happen soon and then his management and the UFC have to make a deal so he can fight the UFC HWs and shut up the 'haters' and prove to the casual fans that there is a reason that all of us hardcore fans hold him in such high regard. i'm just tired of defending him to my friends who just don't have enough recent exposure to him against top fighters.
2/27/10 6:27:08PM

Posted by soundboy1


2/27/10 6:52:42PM
nope fedor is P4P the best, period. no if's and's or but's... lesnar mir couture etc could all be embarassed by fedor, so no i want to hear from fedor until hes 50 years old and retires
2/27/10 8:18:50PM
This is what I've been trying to say....

2/28/10 2:31:44PM
Im not exactly getting tired of Fedor because he is def top 5 HW in anyones rankings but I am most definintly tired of the Fedor hype. Whether its him or his management, they are scared to have him fight in the UFC because they know what will happen. I respect Fedor tho he is a very humble and nice guy and he cant control how everyone and their mom talk him up to be the best, dispite him not fighting any of the top HW's in the division in years. Its kind of like the Kimbo deal. He is a real cool humble guy but I cannot stand how so many people talk him up and make him out to be this crushing machine, when in reality hes probably not top 20. If Fedor ever comes to the UFC and decides to fight the best then we will see what he is really made of.
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