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12/1/07 8:46:37PM
I have a gym I can join and train at, but I don't know the process to becoming a professional fighter. Any thoughts?
12/1/07 10:11:00PM
lol well I'm not a proffesional fighter, but I am starting to become a fighter.

My trainer told me approx 6months-a Year for your first mma fight.
Some others are even later 2 years, now in that time get down to a weight your comfortable with, train every aspect of mma your budget can afford (BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Wrestling, etc.). Train like a bitch, when your starting out for the first 3-4 years you will still probably need a full time job to pay your bills/ training. Also if your really serious save up some extra money and go to a really good training camp for faster and more knowlegable learning. If you can't afford it/ Just don't want to do it, thats fine I doubt I'll ever do it either lol.

well I'm not too sure how much this has helped you, but good luck.
12/1/07 11:07:58PM
I'd like to know what your base is going to be before giving you advice.
12/2/07 2:27:10PM

Posted by Omega

I'd like to know what your base is going to be before giving you advice.

and yeah that'd help lots too.
12/2/07 7:09:12PM
If you have not even started training properly yet, imo its a little early to be thinking about going pro. Maybes you should train a year at least and see about getting some amateur fights. The big leagues are so far off its not even worth thinking about, thats why Im thinking about how my amateur Muay Thai will go, Im a long way from Rajadamnern and Lumpini right now!
12/12/07 6:48:26PM
The limits I set for myself personally are a purple belt in jiu jitsu and a year's worth of good striking training.
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