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2/14/09 4:09:33PM
i have been trying to cut weight so far a have dropped 15 lbs. im at around 10% body fat and want to be more around 7 or so. i started running and lifting weights and after a few weeks, i got talking to some friends and they said instead of just running, i should to interval running (sprint for a minute then walkt for minute) they said that will help cut body fat, and just regular running will cut muscle too. so as of now, i do interval runing for 20 min then lift weights and then another 20 min after lifting,
just wondering if there are better ways are any tips, thanks guys
2/15/09 11:31:46AM
I have been doing 30 min on the treadmill on 15 % incline at like speed 3-5 a fast walk to the point you have to hold on to keep it walking. At 10 min turn the speed up till you are running I have to hold still. Do the run for 30 sec. to a min then go back to walking for 10. Remeber you burn more calories at a high paced walk up hill then you do running on flat, you also don't gas out as quick leaving you more energy to burn more. I has been working for me its a program my sister put me she works for the PT group and is a personal trainer so I guess she knows whats up.
2/16/09 9:27:18AM
There is no miracle exercise that reduces your weight by taking off only fat (vs. a combination of fat and muscle). The dream that there is such a thing is why you see dozens of infomercials pitched towards people who don't want to put in the work that goes with traditional diet and exercise programs.

I'm a fan of sprinting as part of a workout (although I prefer true sprints at the end of jogging--100 meters or so vs. a pseudo-sprint of 1 minute). It works muscles differently than jogging, it builds a different kind of endurance than jogging and it builds short-duration speed better than jogging. But it doesn't take off fat without taking off muscle as well and jogging for longer periods of time burns more calories and is a more proven way to lower weight (reducing muscle and fat). Sprints and intervals are a nice compliment to jogging but, I'll emphasize it again, they are not a miracle way to develop single digit bodyfat.

Plenty of other good cardio methods, depending on what you have access to and what secondary benefits you want. Running is good, swimming is good, rowing is good, boxing circuti training (heavy bag, jump rope, shadow boxing,speed bag for intervals) is good, wrestling is good, doing a full MMA workout is good. Mixing these up somewhat is the best way to keep your body working hard, but it's not practical for most people. It sounds like you're already doing well with your workouts, so I'd suggest just mixing in one of the other methods a couple of days a week.
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