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12/3/08 7:56:24PM
I was just wondering how often this happens on the Playground.

I took 1st in the EliteXC on CBS JT/Kimbo on points but had JT picked to win over Kimbo.

Are there any other events where the person who took 1st in total points had picked the loser of the main event?**

**Yes, I realize it is too time consuming to look it up. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them.
12/3/08 8:00:21PM
From what I've seen recently, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes in at least one Secondary event.
12/3/08 8:25:09PM
I don't think I've ever gotten 1st in points Maybe the closest I've gotten is like 3rd or 4th

edit: I've gotten 2nd, 8th, and 9th
12/3/08 11:27:52PM
Well i think the hot bout is key, not the main event.
12/4/08 12:00:42AM
tonight on the WEC card, I picked 9 out of the 10 fights winners. But I missed the HOT BOUT and I don't think I picked any of the fight ending details correctlly either...
12/4/08 12:20:39AM
I always miss the hot it doesnt matter..

I could be 37-4 over the course of 4 events....and the 4 misses would be the hout bouts..haha
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