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5/28/08 3:40:54PM
I should prolly give some backround info to get started.

As an amateur i had 4 fights last summer (3-1) simple gym fights nothing serious. i was fighting as a lightweight at 6'3" tall (155lbs) i only knew the basics of Muay Thai, Sub Wrestling, And a bit of Boxing.

as of right now i have completly let myself go and become more of a family guy. but now that my daughter is a bit older i can finally get back to the MMA game.

My weight is 200lbs even, i have cut out almost all "junk" food, and stay away from almost everything with processed sugars. as well before everymeal i eat a sald to speed up my metabolism. (i dont actually know how my truth there is to that "lol")

ive lost 10 lbs since ive done this. normally i have A LOT of control over my weight AND conditioning but it would seem at this point i am lacking both.

Any advice to getting back to my prime? be it diet, exercises, supplements, whatever.

all advice is appreciated and im sorry for the long read
5/28/08 4:19:07PM
You're asking a very open ended question, so let me respond with an obvious question of my own: what is preventing you from doing the same diet and exercise routine you were doing last summer and getting the same results?

Do you know what to do and just lack the motivation or is your body not responding the same way?
5/28/08 4:51:29PM
My Apologies for not adding that information in the first place.

i have NOT started training yet. BUT before you react the same way i would "ETF then why is he posting this sh*t?!?"

i'm looking for a way to lose MORE weight than i had to before in about the same time i did last time. before i weighed 170 and lost the weight to 155.

now i have to go from 200 to 155.

i really need information from multiple sources to benefit my goals of losing all this (heavy) baggage, to get the best results.

i plan to run 2 miles a day.
follow a Matt Hughes like diet.
throw in some Plyos.
spawls & stretches
heavy bag work
Etc Etc..

but i need to make sure my plan will be the most effective to get my weight and conditioning to there peak (Preferably in the shortest time)
Hope i cleared it all up
5/28/08 5:12:40PM
you could eat 5 or six small meals and drink tons of water to burn the fat.

I'm not educated enough to give an opinion on this but I've seen people go up in weight, just one time and after the suppresion of their bodys intake is done their frame grows in to the weight. Then they never feel the same at that weight again.

if you're like 25 then I'm not sure it matters but it might depending on age.
5/28/08 6:39:48PM
I HATE the way i feel...

im only 20 so im sure it wont be an issue.

i plan on going running tonight with my G/F up like 3 steep hills. then ill go again in the morning and continue twice a day.
5/28/08 7:46:51PM
I would think you've been done growing but who knows.
Someone else probably has a better answer but if you really feel that bad it might be benificial to fight 170 first. you might actually have less strength at 155.

I cut 25 or so pounds my sophomore year for wrestling (I understand the kind of cutting is different for wrestling) and I was pretty weak at 152, the strength advantage wasn't so much mine because of the crazy ass salad and more salad diet I had going on.
5/28/08 8:43:54PM

basically ive only put on fat.
last year i had started working out at 205ish
from the lifting alone i got down to 185ish
started adding cardio into my life style as well as my workouts and made it to 175
after i noticed the way my body was changing i decided i wanted to be more "ripped" so i changed my diet and got down to 165.

at this point i switched gyms to one closer to work and unknowingly was being scouted by the MMA instructer there, who eventually asked me if i could lose 5 more pounds to walk at 160, he added that if i started MMA (At 155) that he would'nt charge (he wanted to see a 6'3" fighter at 155) haha.

i was faster stronger and more agile than i have EVER been in my life at 155 but this took about a year to accomplish.

im looking for 3 months tops now because i need to focus on training.
5/29/08 3:59:11PM
Anything else guys?

any help is good help
5/30/08 1:14:56PM
lets try this insted.

can anyone can me the workout equivelent to a 5 minute fight?

IE: the sledhammer tire thing.
5/31/08 6:20:35PM
circuit training is a huge helper if you're looking for a superintese workout to help in a fight. Maybe pick up a heavybag slam it down and work G&P intensely while making transitions switching to different positions and time it to 1 or 2 minutes or something then get up and sprint to a sprawling opponent and keep working till you take him down and go to the next guy and sprawl while he attacks you.

Stuff like this is pretty intense and can be timed for 3 5 minute rounds or whatever. (This is what you meant?)
Anyway that's a decent example of a circuit simulating a fight.
5/31/08 6:40:43PM
This is great!!!

ill have to get my cardio way up and start my diet. but hopefully it'll all work out thanks!
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