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7/20/09 8:53:02PM
Hey guys. long time no see.

i just moved nd got a nw job. im doing construction and im on a new diet. im don to about 180 but i still got a flabby gut. i want to bulk up and get to a solid 200 - 220. i can do the gym thing if needed. but for now i want to know if theres anything useful i cn do to lse this friggan flab!
7/20/09 9:00:13PM
If you're already putting in the work you just need to clean your diet up. Eliminate processed foods whenever possible. Stay away from simple carbs, butters, and salts. Although eliminating salt completely I wouldn't recommend.. especially if you're working in the sun all day.

If you are working out remember that your fat burning zone is a medium high heart rate for an extended period of time. If you're working hard and you want to go to the gym after work, then I would suggest going to the gym before you eat dinner. You'll have been burning off all your energy stores while at work, and by the time you hit the gym your body should be just about ready to start hitting up those fats. If you need to munch something for energy at the gym just take along a half a cup of almonds or something for just before the gym.

(I'm not an expert on nutrition and exercise, but I'm getting more and more familiar with it through my degree program at school and also from having done this stuff personally)
7/23/09 10:15:45PM
fresh eggs, lots of them.

if your local super market sells grade AA eggs (most do but only in quantities of 24+) buy them, and make sure you eat them. if not then just get grade A.

eat lots of small meals.

and chocolate milk.
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