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8/2/08 2:02:40AM
Two times Hero’s champion, Gesias Cavalcante is recovering from his knee injury at American Top Team, but watched the finals of Dream’s GP, that he fought against Shinya Aoki twice, but lost. The athlete spoke to TATAME about the surprise Joachim Hansen, that came from a substitute fight and won the GP. The Brazilian fighter spoke about the his recovering and that he hopes coming back soon to GP’s, and winning them. Check below the complete interview.

What do you think about Hansen’s victory at the GP?

This Dream tournament was great, excellent fights! Tournaments are like this, everything can happen, like a substitute being the champion.

8/2/08 2:12:15AM
JZ vs. Hellboy rematch anyone? How about Eddie Alvarez? Hell, I wanna see him fight Aoki again.
8/2/08 9:16:55AM
JZ got hosed on the stoppage in the first Aoki fight. That was the first time I had seen Aoki, and he kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth. I thought he was acting, and he knew that he was going to lose.

But, since I've had a chance to see him a few more times, he's grown on me a bit. The guy is like a little anaconda. Once he gets on you, you just can't shake the little bastard off!

I hope JZ comes back as strong as ever from his injury. There is no reason that he cannot contend against the likes of Hellboy, Alverez, and Aoki for the belt as long as DREAM is still around. (however long that may be)
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