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2/3/11 12:44:47PM
Hi Guys, i found a nice Videoblog from some German MMA fighters, who train now in Japan with the elite.
It is subbed with english subs, and is fun to watch.

Hope you like it! German MMA is taking over ;-) we have not only Dennis Siver, Peter Sobotta and Pascal Krauss

Cengiz “Mosquito” Dana and Nick Hein from “Combat Club Cologne” (Winner of the GnP Award 2010: Best native Gym) are both well-known MMA fighters in Germany. Follow them on their trip to Japan and find familiar faces like PRIDE veteran Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, Satosci Ishii, Sean Frew (Brave Gym), Roxanne Modaferri, Kazuhiro Nakamura and many more.

Here is the article:

And here the Video only:
Enjoy ;-)

2/4/11 5:41:52AM
When will the next video be online?
2/5/11 1:21:54AM presents you the second day of our two german guys exploring Tokio and looking for PRIDE legends to train with!

It´s really cool, you should check it out, what is going in in Tokio out of the eyes of some foreigners ;)

The full info is right here:
2/6/11 11:54:44AM
Here is Day 3 where they train in the Miyata Gym with Sean Frew:

Day 4 with Hayato "MACH" Sakurai:
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