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12/27/11 1:13:23AM

Posted by warglory

Posted by 40ouncetpkid

Posted by warglory

The man ruins his opponents, and brings home the bacon. How is anything about GSP overhyped?

Don't like his style? Fine, but prove to me that the man doesn't back up his tenure as a star attraction.

I wouldnt say he ruins them and definitely doesnt back up his ppv numbers with excitement. Too me Its a tragedy millions of people will pay to watch that shit, but only a few hundred thousand would watch shogun vs Henderson which was the greatest fight ever...

When was the last time anyone came close to beating GSP? Shields, who merely made it competitive? And contrary to your opinion, the PPV numbers are high, so clearly someone wants to watch the man.

You used the word ruining like he smashes or destroys people. He wins one sided but safely. Thats not ruining anything. And obviously if hes voted overhyped, those millions of people are pissed. He got all hyped up for nothing.
12/28/11 3:00:05AM

St. Pierre's 2011 campaign and inability to get a stoppage win since early 2008 has him on Perry Lefko's list of the most overhyped athletes of 2011 at

Ill start off by saying im really not a St Pierre fan but, I dont understand why people dont consider the BJ fight a stoppage. The fight was stopped between the 4th and 5th rds by his corner. Now to address the boring part. Well he does fight smart but in almost every fight he drops opponents, hurts them, goes for submissions, and breaks there spirit. What else can you ask for?
12/30/11 6:26:07PM
If he's so overhyped then Jake Shields should have had no problem finishing a 'one-eyed' GSP in that last fight, taking his injury into account.

Playing it safe or not, guys still can't finish him or get the decision... which means they simply don't deserve to wear the belt. They're the ones being given the challenge with a title-shot, so the onus is on them to prove their worth.

When guys push Silva, he answers. It seems a lot of guys are reluctant to push GSP out of the 'safe zone' though and I don't see that as a knock on him.

I don't think we'll be seeing anything safe in the Diaz fight when it does happen.
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