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8/10/08 12:02:00PM
I was trying to pace myself, because after the first time I rock him and I couldn’t finish him I was like ‘Man, this guy, I’m gonna have to almost kill him to win’. He’s very tough, I give him a lot of props. A big heart, good , amazing guy, very big heart, [I have] a lot of respect for this guy.

-UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre talks about trying to finish challenger Jon Fitch during a UFC 87 post fight interview. GSP successfully defended his title after fighting off a very game Fitch for 25 minutes.

8/10/08 12:31:11PM
GSP looked good so now let the debate begin . Penn or GSP I think Penn got a little in his head last night and I think Penn will bust him up
8/10/08 12:56:42PM
Baby J is gonna get overpowered and beat up if this goes down. I like BJ but he's barking up the wrong tree so to speak with this request. Good for him though i guess, but I think he should have to at least defend his belt once or twice before moving up to challenge for the welterweight belt.
These days GSP takes Down ANYBODY at will. This includes BJ, I dont care how good his take down D is.
8/10/08 1:25:37PM
i think gsp really would have had to kill him to finish him off, fitch showed a ridiculous amount of heart.

as for the bj fight, bj gives him a scare, but gsp's superior cardio is the difference in the ud.
8/10/08 3:52:22PM
I think most know I'm not a huge Rush fan. BUT he really impressed me last night. BJ is a much different fighter and will have a lot more to offer after being taken down. I'm one of the biggest BJ fans, but I think GSP would prob'ly take it. This is the first time I've felt this way. Should be an incredible fight tho (I'm past arguing whether it should happen, it looks like it will). I still don't think he'd have a chance against ASilva tho.
8/10/08 4:32:44PM
I think GSP takes it as well but I'll be picking BJ because if he comes in shape and GSP can't take him down due to amazing flexibility GSP will get punished against Penn's stand up.

With that being said GSP did impress me with his stand up last night. I have always been critical of GSP's stand up skills but last night they seemed much more crisp with better power in his punched rather than his kicks. I still think BJ has an advantage in the stand up and the ground game but I think this fight is going to depend on if Penn can keep it on the feet.
8/10/08 4:33:03PM
8/10/08 4:48:58PM
Good god, man. I wanted Fitch to win but GSP just destroyed him. Hats off to Fitch though. I thought many times "this fight is over" but Fitch wouldn't die. Amazing fight and I think if Fitch goes back to the drawing board, he MIGHT stand a chance in a rematch. If GSP couldn't finish him with those shots it speaks volumes about Fitch's heart and for that matter, jaw.
8/10/08 5:11:16PM
i was not impressed with his performance..(read like a robot)
8/10/08 5:40:56PM

Posted by jgtribbett

i was not impressed with his performance..(read like a robot)


8/10/08 5:53:42PM

Posted by TimW001

That boy got mauled DAMN!!!!!!
8/10/08 6:13:11PM

Posted by jgtribbett

i was not impressed with his performance..(read like a robot)

And GSP is gonna destroy BJ. I never liked BJ much. I tihnk GSP will be able to take him down and score there and his striking is obviously improving. I see GSP with the unanimous decision.
8/10/08 8:05:56PM
8/10/08 9:07:46PM
It was an awesome fight last night, but as i said a when the fight was announced that GSP is on a whole different level...No disrepect to Fitch he has a hell of a chin and tons of heart. As for Penn vs GSP I hope it comes to Montreal that will be a good fight but I'm not sure why people think Penn was in GSP's head or that Penn will win? GSp has already beat him and has improved by 200% since, he is bigger, stronger, faster then that fight. Penn is the man too, he is a great fighter but i don't see him stopping Gsp right now!!
8/10/08 10:15:05PM
GSP in hospital after Penn fight

This is what happened to GSP last time he fought BJ Penn
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8/10/08 11:06:12PM
Anyone who says GSP is going to dominate BJ is crazy, thats just contrary to what happened the first time. You can pick GSP all you want but win and dominating can be different especially in this example.
8/10/08 11:14:13PM
I posted this on another thread but it was so funny I thought I'd add it to this one.

Its Fitch after the fight wait for the last question it's hilarious.

Click Me
8/11/08 12:55:42AM
yeah but he won... Fitch looks i said before, look at how much GSP has improved since the BJ fight (which i say again, GSP WON) Bj may have improved but he has also been fighting lightweights. Look at St. Pierre's fight resume, he has cleaned out the top welterweights and his only 2 losses, he came back and totally dominated them. I can't wait for this fight, BJ is one of my favorite fighters too..I just don't get how people are so quick to say BJ will win?? But i guess i seen countless people saying Fitch was going to do the same!!
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