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6/27/12 6:45:48PM
GSP posted an update on his Facebook today:

"I’m back in Montreal and full-time training! Already tried a few kicks – right knee is super strong…"

Georges St. Pierre is expected to return at UFC 154 in November in Montreal against Carlos Condit.

6/27/12 9:15:37PM
wish I could be excited but I just can't be.
6/27/12 9:40:25PM
Is it ironic that while I was reading this I was listening to Grease Lightning
6/27/12 10:10:58PM
good to hear... can't wait for him to get back in the ring
6/28/12 3:33:16PM
I wanted to see Condist lay GSP out but after injury everyone will give that excuse. I want to see the best hungry performance weve ever seen so Hendricks can Jon Fitch him with no excuses lol
6/28/12 7:11:03PM
I just want him to get back in the octagon
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