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11/17/12 5:10:06PM
According to industry sources, St-Pierre has 14 endorsement deals, with each paying him in the six-figure range. If you tally up the numbers from past and present deals, his income outside the cage is well into eight figures, sources say, with much of it coming in the past year.

The question is, how does a fighter who hasn't fought in more than a year and a half become such a magnet for blue-chip sponsors while sitting on the sidelines? The answer, according to those who know him best, has to do with St-Pierre's squeaky-clean image outside the cage and the team of high-powered agents in his corner...

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11/17/12 5:56:27PM
How does he become a magnet for deals? My guess without reading is hes a class act who you dont have to worry about getting in trouble anywhere or anyhow and he truly gets it...Very rare...

Whats even more rare is hes not out being seen with tons of women...All he cares about is being the best in the world...
11/17/12 5:56:56PM
He's also one of the most down to earth and likeable guys in the business. Like, he's confident, but he's also humble and approachable and pretty much always has a nice thing to say about his opponent. He's like the Canadian Randy Couture in that regard.
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