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3/7/12 7:09:04PM
For over 7 years now GSP has found himself within the top 2 of the World MMA Rankings, and for 6 of those years he has found himself at number one. With a career record of 22-2 and a UFC Championship, a current win streak of 9 straight wins and the most consecutive Welterweight title defences it is fair to say he is the best welterweight on the planet. Or is it?

GSP hasn’t fought in over 11 months and his last victory was over Jake Shields. At the time Jake was still adjusting to his new welterweight weight class. Since Jake’s loss to the champ he has gone 1 and 1, one win and one loss. However he is not the only opponent GSP has beaten who after facing the champion has struggled to rereach the top of the division.

In fact as of 2009 GSP has only fought 5 fighters, averaging out at a fight roughly every 7 months, but as the months go by the challengers GSP has beaten have had the contendership questioned.

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3/7/12 7:30:21PM
Are his days numbered?

Jake E. has the best chance at beating GSP.....approx. a 20% chance.
3/7/12 10:09:45PM
I think it's a bit premature to assume anything at this point. It wouldn't surprise me either way if GSP gets mauled in his next fight, or if he obliterates Condit just like all the others. Either scenario is realistic, especially in this sport. In terms of GSP's legacy though, I think that will be intact no matter what.
3/7/12 10:26:54PM
i think we need to wait until he comes back from the knee surgery. for all we know he will look better than ever. everything is kind of on hold in the WW division.

i would like to see ellenberger get his chance at GSP. the very best outcome though would be condit KO'ing GSP by flying knee.
3/8/12 10:34:09AM
I think his days are number. I think since 2009 he has had more injuries that fights. I think a fighter should average 3 fights a year, he barely averages 1.
3/8/12 10:48:01AM
i just think his style allows his comeback to be easy and i hate it i think hes boring but he wins and thats what matters i dont see him losing to anyone currently floating in the top of that division but i always root for someone to become matt serra 2.0
3/8/12 3:41:49PM
Very well written article. I disagree and do not think his days are numbered. Although, I do believe one reason why he is so dominant in his fights is he has infinite time in between fights to better himself for any challenger he may face. I also believe the time he spends on the sidelines is time that his competition is closing the gap between their skills and his. With all that being said, I still believe he will bounce back and reign over the welterweight title for several more years but at the same time you had some pretty good stats to back up your opinion.
3/9/12 3:29:23PM
good article Jay, but as a former fulltime Sherdog GSP nuthugger I must let a bit of the old me come back. Don't hate me

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3/9/12 4:16:00PM
I thought your comments were very constructive, Ive posted back to you, also in comments.
3/10/12 6:14:00AM
Fuck no. To be honest it's 3 in the morning and I didn't read your article. But I can tell you as a fan who watches a lot of fights, especially in the WW division for some reason...Maybe I'm patriotic...but nobody I have seen fight in this division has a chance against GSP. Lately the person I thought had the best chance was Jake Shields and Thiago Alves. Both were utter merkings from GSP and he has left no doubt in my mind that he is The Spider of the welterweight division.
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