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6/25/07 12:46:09AM
Always bringing back the oldies... just thought I'd share this one with everyone claiming Penn as the most talented fighter in MMA... enjoy, I know I did:

Sudo grappling
6/25/07 2:12:11PM
That was beautiful. Sudo was spinning into submissions and jumping into submissions, that was crazy.

Props, man.
6/25/07 3:07:46PM
Gotta love Sudo, he's the only MMA fighter that I can think of off-hand that competed in both ADCC and K-1. It's too bad he's retired now, as he was truly one of the greatest ambassadors to the sport... "We are all one"

Heres some more Sudo clips for you guys:

Genki Sudo HL

Genki Sudo paying a visit to some weird Martial Arts school

Genki in a jazz music video

Sudo playing the villain in a movie

...and apperantly this match had alot to do with Genki retiring, watch for the kick...
Sudo Vs. Schaffa

I wish him the best of luck in his acting/singing/writing career, and I only hope someone like him could grace MMA again someday...

ps. There are plenty more clips of Genki to look up...
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