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8/10/07 6:20:29PM
wtf happened to that kid? he was/is one of my favorite fighters, why did he retire? i heard he got injured and he got fed up but what really happened?
8/10/07 6:32:20PM
He had some bad injuries, and him getting KTFO in K1 by that spinning back kick didn't help anything... he also wanted to pursue a wiring/singing/acting career...

Always one of my favorites... most talented fighter in history to date IMHO...
8/10/07 7:07:12PM
He also competed/competes now & then on various "extreme obstacle course" game shows in Japan, most notably "Sasuke" (airs in the US on G4 as "Ninja Warrior").
8/10/07 7:42:01PM
He found his calling taking a piss in a urinal.
8/11/07 12:10:19AM
sudo's entrances were classic. absolutely hilarious.
8/12/07 12:05:34AM
i got a kick out of seeing him on ninja warrior
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