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6/13/07 6:49:54PM
I cant believe that this guy is self proclaimed as retired, what a waste of a great warrior, he's only 29. at 15-5-1 im gutted that he's no longer fighting, one of my all time favourites purely for entertainment value.
Does anyone on this site know if there is any talk of him to fight again or what he's upto now he's no longer fighting.
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6/13/07 6:55:37PM
That guy had some ace fights in K-1 Heros, I always liked his style!

I wouldnt be suprised if he reappears on the fight circuit again, he is too young and too talented to retire
6/13/07 7:06:35PM
It was an injury the reason why he announced his retirement.

''At K-1 Dynamite! on December 31, 2006 he defeated Damacio Page by submission. After his win, and to the shock of the crowd, Sudo announced his retirement. He cites recurring injuries as one of the main causes of his decision ...''

6/14/07 2:32:57AM
Its a real shame hes retired, Genki was fighter that no matter who his adversary was he always put up a great fight wether it be a pro boxer or K1 level striker he always gave it all and put on a great show doing it. Its too bad
6/14/07 1:36:17PM
genki is one of my favorites also
last i heard, he was doing 'entertainment' in japan now.. i've seen him do some acting before and some music also, so i'm not sure which one, but my guess would be he is pursuing one of those at the moment.. i really hope he comes back to fighting at some point though
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