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9/27/07 2:34:39PM
“Some are born to build, to discover, to heal; and there are those born to fight.” These are the first words found on the website - a website created by three former Boise State wrestlers that are dedicating their lives to an industry whose once violent image is quickly becoming one of respect and admiration.

9/27/07 2:39:47PM
Nice little article.

Zep, how the heck do you find this more obscure stuff?
9/27/07 3:20:21PM
He was born with news reporting genetics. its in his blood!
9/27/07 3:27:07PM
Brock sounded really mature in that article...sounds like he's growing up. Yeah zep, how DO you find all this rare stuff.
9/27/07 3:41:32PM
zep is just that dam good
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