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1/30/13 3:21:44PM
First of all I wanna say sorry to a certain member of the PG I pissed off earlier today that's still bugging me....

Secondly if you don't have me on the facebook please add me! I have been loving the PG community on facebook recently - LINK

To all the people who voted for me to do a triathalon over a marathon your all d*cks

Congrats Rabi on everything MMA Mental

Everybody who's repeatedly bullying me into staying up till 5am to watch Bellator so I miss my 9am lecture I hate and love you...

Next are any members of the PG carers or have any been carers? I might want to interview/ask you a few questions at a later stage for my university dissertation...

Anyway I'll leave you with this picture which I saw on my youtube subscriptions... Funny how time flies... Feels like only a few months ago....
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1/30/13 8:15:50PM
1/30/13 8:27:07PM

Posted by jakewalters

Why'd you put a picture of that?

1/31/13 1:01:00PM
I have Jay, would in a Nursing home, also a mental health hospital and also provided support for people with physical disabilities when they go on holiday in the UK and abroad.